COOPERATIVA Group, i.e., COOPERATIVA Venture Services GmbH and its subsidiaries (jointly: “COOPERATIVA”), (i) operate a family office oriented towards venture capital (“Investor Services”), (ii) provide services for corporate finance and mergers & acquisitions (“Transaction Advisory”), and (iii) initiate and manage venture capital funds and investment vehicles (“Venture Platform”).

COOPERATIVA is managed by Managing Partners Nikolas Samios & Anja Rath (Arnold). Our senior partners, Jan Henric Buettner (founder of BV Capital / and Andreas von Blottnitz (entrepreneur and business angel), are key investors in COOPERATIVA and ongoing advisors to our management, adding a wealth of experience and network. Christian Vollmann (serial entrepreneur and “Angel of the Year”, BAND 2017) and Marius Marschall von Bieberstein (serial entrepreneur and business angel) act as venture partners, adding further sector experience and network on a case-by-case basis (all six individuals together, the “Partners”).

COOPERATIVA can benefit from its Partners’ combined experience, which includes participation in more than 200 venture capital transactions.

A small sampling of previous projects in which COOPERATIVA’s Partners were involved:

  • ad pepper media8
  • Amorelie9
  • Amplify6
  • AppFolio4,6
  • Bitium6
  • Brandenburg Ventures1,8
  • Delivery Hero9
  • Doozer6
  • e.ventures1,3,6
  • Exozet3,8,9
  • Fiagon9
  • Friendsurance6,9
  • Futurice8
  • Fyber9
  • GoToMyPC2,4
  • Hubert Burda Media8
  • LaterPay3,8
  • Mister Spex9
  • Mopolis7,8
  • Onefootball9
  • realbest6,8,9
  • Remerge9
  • Roomle8
  • Scalable Capital9
  • SmartRecruiters6
  • Sonos4,6
  • SoundCloud9
  • Spotify6
  • Stanwood8
  • Volocopter7
  • WEISSENHAUS Grand Village Resort & SPA1,2,5,6,8
  • YogaEasy8

  1. involvement of a managing partner as executive manager
    [managing director, board, procurist, etc.]
  2. involvement of a senior or venture partner as executive manager
  3. involvement of a managing partner as board member
    [supervisory board, advisory board, investment committee, etc.]
  4. involvement of a senior or venture partner as board member
  1. investment by a managing partner
  2. investment by a senior or venture partner
  3. investment by fund or SPV managed by COOPERATIVA
  4. COOPERATIVA acted as advisor to the company and/or its shareholders
  5. COOPERATIVA and/or individual partners acted as investment managers and/or portfolio managers for a previous client who invested in this company